Be The Cookie

Be The Cookie
Adorable kid nomming on a cookie

A friend on Slack shared a photo of her son years back blissing TF out over a cookie. When she stumbled upon the image, it made her feel happy, and she wanted to share that feeling.

It worked.

The joy on his face is palpable. Then, others on the channel and I had some version of this very thought.

I want a cookie that makes me feel that happy!

But this morning, when the photo popped up again on my screen, I realized I wanted to be the cookie. It's hard, and we're more often than not going to fall short in our effort to do so. But bringing people joy, making them feel seen, safe, and valued is the best damn gift imaginable.

You might get trashed, spit out, and feel stale some days. But remember, sometimes you get the privilege of making someone else's day infinitely better.

Be the cookie.