I might be Antoine's manifesto.

Who's Antoine?

A russet-wrapped mahogany dichotomy or at least that's how he'd like to describe himself.

He likes words in all its forms. Unfortunately, between his cynical nature, twisted sense of humor, and ADHD - putting cohesive thoughts together has proven difficult. Turns out, he speaks (and writes) to think.

Driving editors mad.

This site is one part creative playground and one part diary. It exists solely as a place to collect the colorful assortment of ideas and hot takes that swim around in Antoine's head. He announced the return of public sharing as Winter Is Coming.

Fitting. He hates the cold.


AI is being leveraged to maintain this site as transactionally as possible, primarily as an editor and image generator. Even Antoine's headshot is AI-generated, based on a dozen photos he had already deemed not good enough to share.

Rest assured, Antoine is human. He's just jaded with the state of the internet, social media, and "people" in general. This process allows him to keep it and you at a healthy distance.