Hip Hop Faves From 2023

Hip Hop Faves From 2023
"dj booth with crate of vinyl records" via deepai.org

I used to do a yearly "Code The Block" post. It was a playlist of songs that reflected specific moments from my year. This year, I wanted to focus on music that breaks the mold. Music that reflects the evolution and perspectives that often contribute to the hip-hop landscape. Ultimately, these albums represent the music I want to hear more of, continuing to illustrate the diversity in the Black experience.

Piff Marti

Listen for subversity, anti-patriarchy, and self-love. Make sure to revisit his 2021 EP.

Am I not black enough? Am I not accepted just because of my vernacular? Oh I'm not kinfolk. Pardon my skin tone. No I'm not offended and don't take it as an insult.


Listen for affirmation, spirituality, and musicality. If you are an audiophile, break out a good pair of cans.

I'm setting the precedent, no mistakes and no accidents. We ignoring the standard set, cause our lowest is passionate.

Mick Jenkins

Listen for lyricism, artistry, and adversarial perspectives. There's a constant dichotomy at play with every line. Truly a joy to break down.

Ducks, they in the shallow water following bread. The fuck. I'm cross the pond jaywalking the autobahn. I'm in the mother land, trying to connect with my other fam.

Killer Mike

Listen for vulnerability, spirituality, and accountability. This is like reading a diary. Painfully raw, sad, and angry.

She closed her eyes, fantisized 'bout beter times. When she was beautiful, fine and still snorting lines. She told me stories of glory, the club, saying Suzy. Atlanta night life was glamour, rich, black, bougie.


Listen for honesty, escapism, and LGBTQIA perspectives. They are a genre-bending group. I'm unsure if my repeat listening is due to joy or curiosity.

Women viloate me 'cause I dabble in the faggotry. Ni***s violateme cause I'm happy, shit's a tradegy. Everybody mad at me, everbody mad at me. Promise I can giuve your ass a reason if you laugh at me.