How Do You Spend Your Day?

How Do You Spend Your Day?
Photo by Sid Leigh / Unsplash

No, really, how do you spend your day?

Inspired by VisualCapitalist's original cataloging of the daily routines of famous creative people, I decided to make one myself. The exercise was primarily creative and an excuse to refamiliarize myself with Alpine.js. It didn't take long before the graph left me with some existential questions.

  • What did my overscheduled and noticeable short meal times say about me?
  • Why is my almost daily wellness time dedicated to fitness and not much more?
  • What do I have to show for my brief bits of creative time?
  • When do I purposefully spend time with family?

A few friends generated their own graphs, and it was fun to compare our use of the same 24 hours we are all afforded. But it was when my 11-year-old son took a stab at it that I noticed something.

He's got a great life.

I assumed his "other" blocks were filled with miscellaneous musings, but he saw them as wellness and self-care. His hobbies were as much exercise as they were creative. Without daily homework, he had created a routine of making art and content. His meal times weren't spent aimlessly in front of the TV but were, to him, leisurely downtime.

So, I thought these graphs and this site could be useful to you.

How do you spend your day?

How would you like to spend your day?