On Staying Home

He said, "Let me know how [it] is. It's on my 'popular but likely overhyped' list." and the contrarian in me awakened.

On Staying Home
Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash
I actually disagree. I think it's possible to determine whether [somewhere] is overhyped or not.

After debating with a friend over the merits and significance of visiting certain places, I had a change of heart. Initially, I was on the rare side of subjectivity, insisting that no place can be objectively defined as "overhyped." But now, I've changed my tune.


I'm inclined to agree in the vein of RGB being asked, "Is a hot dog a sandwich?

"Well you tell me, what is a sandwich is and I'll tell you if a hot dog is a sandwich."

And so, based on my friend's criteria (or my perception of why people bestow such importance on a place) - yes, without going to [insert city], I can agree it is overhyped. In the same way, maybe everything, and everywhere is.

A place's importance, whether due to overwhelming societal opinion, parental influence, or one's personal experience, is ultimately exaggerated or even, at times, understated.

Without the right perspective or interest, it's not worth leaving your own town, let alone your country.

And perhaps, that's why so few do.

... sends to the aforementioned friend.

This one is still uncooked. Put it back in the oven lol

And Where Back

As usual, I've returned to my original point, but from a different angle. A less nuanced and abrasive one. Like I said, as usual.

Firstly, I apologize for my passive voice. You see, "And perhaps, that's why so few do." is a jab. Don't mistake this for an empathetic perspective but rather a condemnation of lazy, shortsighted, and selfish ways. No place is spectacular because all places are spectacular. Where you go is less important than THAT you go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Far away from what and who you know.

I find it hard to believe I could travel to, say, France and have a conversation with someone who's been to Denmark, Senegal, Japan, and Argentina—only to insist, "Yeah, but you just HAVE to go to Paris." I'd, in fact, be overhyping a city that perhaps only mirrors what they've experienced elsewhere.

It's not where you go; it's that you go.

And for those who choose not to go, or worse, those who go only to intentionally return to their walled gardens and social bubbles, I think you are the growing cause of so many of our socioeconomic woes. But that's a rant for another day.