Nós Somos O Número Um!

Nós Somos O Número Um!

I've never made resolutions, but my family and I started sharing our "intentions" for the following year a few years ago. More often than not, I've fallen short on those too. Last year, I passively stated my intentions while celebrating a trivial accomplishment.

I had marked 185 days straight of practicing Portuguese on Duolingo. The app's end-of-year wrap-up informed me that I had been in the top 2% of online learners. In hindsight, that puts me roughly among the top 740,000 of their 37 million monthly active users.

Antoine Butler on LinkedIn: 📅 Today is my 185th day straight of studying 🇧🇷 Portuguese via Duolingo…
📅 Today is my 185th day straight of studying 🇧🇷 Portuguese via Duolingo My wife Kelley the illustrious word smith and forever learner, implored me to…

It's not as impressive as I once thought it was. Still, I was so motivated that I stated my intentions for 2023.

Here's to getting top 1% next year, reaching Level Two proficiency, getting a sub 120 at the course, and maybe adding a couple of stamps on my passport.

I had forgotten about the post until Duo slid into my DMs last week, delivering some good news.

Over the past year, I've added Spanish to my repertoire in preparation for trips to Peru and the Dominican Republic. For 538 days straight, I've spent anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour a day trying to strengthen my brain elasticity and learn new languages.

It turns out I also broke 120 on the golf course. Granted, it was at the easiest course of the year with a 62 par. But the score stands.

Technically, I also put my passport to use again - but some countries, Peru included, have not returned to stamping passports. Still, the box is checked.

I'm unsure of my ACTFL level, but I'm confident that switching between Portuguese and Spanish has kept me firmly in Level One territory.

And For Next Year

I hope to stay in the top 1% on Duolingo. Or better yet - maybe finish Portuguese. I will keep golfing and want to break 100 on a 72-par course. And since I'm here stating my intentions, rather than on Twitter or LinkedIn - I'd like to keep journaling, revisit some old ideas, share some unique experiences, and generally reconnect with some people and places that have shaped me - for better or worse.